Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why do preschool Moms act like they ARE the ones in preschool??

I am new to the blogging world!  I have a lot on my mind and want a place to let it out.  So, here it is......
Why is it that "mean" girls from high school, never leave high school.... mentally anyway??? 
Let's see, stretching in truth, making yourself look better than you are and flat out lying to not "get in trouble", especially when you are caught lying, maybe tolerated as a child/high schooler, but when is it not tolerated any more??  For me, even as a child or high schooler, lying was not tolerated, but it seems some moms these days have continued on that lying, manipulative road to suit their own egos.  I certainly think if you have 4 or 5 children, it is time to grow up before they all do.

Why is it soooooooo important for some people to have their names broadcast as the top person for stupid things??  I think they are so lonely, they starve for attention in their intimate relationships.  They invent ways to make people have to call or contact them, they brag about running fundraisers a year in advance, yet they are not one of the people that signed up to do it.  But, once all the scut work is done, they turn on the poor me, don't exclude me, waterworks and boom....they are in...usurp the power and turn around and purposefully exclude everyone else, except for their good friend.  Wait....didn't you just do what you didn't want done to yourself.....oh guess cried, you whined, you stormed out of the room stomping your feet.....wait your a MOTHER....of multiple children....NOT THE CHILD!!

I feel better about this problem......but have another one brewing for later in the week......things being taken away from our children in school......stay tuned.....